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BloomTalent to open a new office in Cameroon

Growing capacity with Agro-Commodities like coffee and cocoa isn’t just a mere wish or a physical  injection of cash to the farmers activities. Producing these commodities is very hard work and take years to yield anything. So how do we tackle this problem?, Our approach is very simple, starting to invest from the farms and empower the grower. To many of our farmers, the land they own is the only and most probably the most valued asset in their life. Because growing crop on this land is one way through which they make use of this asset, BloomTalent is capable of identifying this project holders and start investing in them and with them from the get go.

What is so different about our approach that draws so many small scale farmers to our trading platform?

The short answer is SUPPORT & EMPOWERMENT – when the process upholds the dignity of the farmers; When the farmer can count on you when the crops are mere trees, when farmers can actually see you as a partner. We undoubtedly become the preferred merchandising company for they produce.

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