We trade a wide range of green coffee and coffee derivative products. 70% of our products are from Africa, 20% from the Americas and a small proportion from Asia.



We trade in mainly raw cocoa beans as well as its by-products. Providing directly needed investment to our producing partners wherever we do business.

Grain & Seeds

BloomTalent trades in diverse range of corn, wheat, soybeans, beans and various oil-seeds from Africa to the world. We provide grains for food, animal feed and energy.


We grow reliable partner relationships with producers and manufactures to ensure quality, low cost and supply consistency. Our network is wide and we keep growing it.



We procure at the best possible cost to meet our customers’ needs in terms of quality and quantity, time and geographic location. To achieve a seamless procurement process, we negotiate off-take agreements with our suppliers and provide up-front investment resources in most cases.


We understand every client’s need is different, when you want it, how you want it, where you want it and how you finance it. We pre-package to any size client, small, medium or large.